"Joy is the simplest form of gratitude."

Barth is regarded by many as a modern-day "Church Father." Learn more about his life, theology, legacy and the network of Karl Barth organizations worldwide.

Karl Barth Archive

The Karl Barth Archive, located in Barth’s former residence in Basel, Switzerland, is the research and editorial center for the administration and publication of the Collected Works of Karl Barth.

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Center for Barth Studies

The Center for Barth Studies at the Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey, United States, was established in 1997. Its mission is to promote interest in Karl Barth’s theology.

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Karl Barth Society of North America

The Karl Barth Society of North America, which was founded in 1972, aims to encourage a critical and constructive theology in continuity with the work of Karl Barth.

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