Karl Barth Foundation

The Karl Barth Foundation was established in 1971, three years after Karl Barth’s death. Its goal and purpose is to make the significance and meaning of Karl Barth’s entire theological work visible by means of collecting and preserving the entire corpus of writings by and about Karl Barth, including correspondence. The Foundation is also editing and publishing a Collected Edition of Karl Barth‘s writings in collaboration with the Legacy Commission established in his will.

The Karl Barth Foundation provides for the publication of the Collected Edition, functions as the employer of the Archivist and, together with the Legacy Commission, acts as the contractual partner of Princeton Theological Seminary in carrying out the common project of microfilming and digitalizing his literary estate.

The governing bodies of the Foundation are its Board, which has responsibility for its administration and represents the Foundation, and its Committee of Scholarly Advisors, which advises the Board concerning theological and editorial questions. The Committee also has a voice in determining the program for the Collected Edition and its editorial policies.

Current Members of the Board of the Foundation:

Dr. iur. Dr. theol. h.c. Bernhard Christ, Basel, President

Dr. iur. Thomas Gelzer, Basel, Treasurer

Pfr. Dr. Niklaus Peter, Zürich

Pfr. Dieter Zellweger, Oberwil BL

Current Members of the Committee of Scholarly Advisors:

Prof. Dr. theol. Michael Beintker, Münster

Prof. Dr. theol. Johannes Fischer, Zürich

Prof. Dr. theol. Henri W. de Knijff, Rheden (NL)

Prof. Dr. theol. Wolf Krötke, Berlin

Prof. Bruce L. McCormack, Ph.D., Princeton, N.J.

Prof. Dr. theol. Georg Pfleiderer, Basel

Prof. Dr. theol. Hans Ruh, Zürich

D. Dr. theol. Hinrich Stoevesandt, Basel

The Foundation is regulated and supervised by the official agencies of the Canton of Basel-Stadt, Switzerland. Its auditing firm is BDO Visura of Basel.