Research Centers

Karl Barth Archive, Basel, Switzerland

Center for Barth Studies, Princeton, N.J., United States

Karl Barth Research Centre, Göttingen, Germany

Karl Barth Research Centre, Bochum, Germany


Karl Barth Societies

Karl Barth Society of Germany, Buende, Germany

Karl Barth Society of North America

Karl Barth Society of Amherst, Massachussets


Karl Barth Scholars

Eberhard Busch (Eberhard Busch was the last research assistant to Karl Barth and has published several books on his life and work)


Other¬†(In Dutch, website of the Dutch Karl Barth Foundation. The objective of the website is to make Barth’s theology accessible to Dutch theologians and church members by publishing everything from and about Karl Barth that is available in Dutch.)

Karl Barth Prize (The Karl Barth Prize is awarded bi-annually by the Union Evangelischer Kirchen in Germany)

Karl Barth Blog Conference