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Purpose: This website provides an introduction into Karl Barth’s life, work and theology.¬† It also aims to serve as a hub to organizations or resources associated with Karl Barth worldwide and to inform about current events and news. Please contact us if there are other Karl Barth organizations, resources or events that should be listed on this site.

Website development: By Barbara Zellweger, as final project for her M.A. in mass communication at the UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States, in memory of her great-grandfather Karl Barth.

Contributing Author: Michael Pfenninger, B.A. in Theology, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Credits: Special thanks to Cliff Anderson, Curator of Special Collections at the Princeton Theological Seminary; Hans-Anton Drewes, former director of the Karl Barth Archive, and Dieter Zellweger, president of the Karl Barth Legacy Commission, for their valuable input and access to documents and resources. Great thanks as well to all interviewees for their participation.


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